Prestige SS DLX Pressure Cooker (3 ltr)

Prestige SS DLX Pressure Cooker (3 ltr)
Code : 01675
Name : Prestige SS DLX Pressure Cooker (3 ltr)
Description :

\"This 3 ltr Prestige Pressure Cooker will be a perfect gift for your dear one in India on any occasion. Deluxe cookers with an all steel exterior, only from Prestige, employs the unique \"\"cladding technology\"\" which ensures equal heat distribution and protection against the occasional dry heating. This has been designed to perform under the tough conditions of the Indian kitchen. The Prestige Permalife Gasket comes from GE Bayer Silicones. They are world leaders in Silicone Elastomer technology for which Prestige has an exclusive tie-up. Has the unique aluminium PI (Pressure Indicator) which rises while there is pressure inside the cooker and will come down when there is no pressure, thus indicating that it is now safe to open the vessel. It also fuses at high pressure thereby serving the purpose of Metallic Safety Plug. Stainless Steel offers everlasting dazzling looks, long durability and easy cleaning. Furthermore, it comes with 3 years warranty. Shipping Info : Ships within 3 - 4 Working days. \"

Price : Rs: 3345.00 / $54.84
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